What you’re getting into: 17 min read. A detailed explanation of how to creating pure CSS images. We will start with an overview and work our way to create a Koala in pure CSS.

What I assume you know: My teaching method is to not assume you know basic principles…

What Are We Testing?

Jest snapshot testing is primarily used for testing the rendered output of React components.

The rendered output is ultimately the element(s) that render in the DOM:

Kent C. Dodd’s AHA Programming Talk at React Summit Remote Edition

Often when writing or reviewing code, developers have a natural tendency to create an abstraction that avoids duplication upfront but evolves into a hairy situation as new use cases come. Kent C. …

In the previous article, I walked through creating a basic SVG. In this article, I will pick up where we left off and explore SVG animations.

Whereas bitmap/raster graphics are composed of individual pixels, vector graphics are composed of individual shapes.

This provides for the ability for vector graphics to…

In this article, I explain what is a scalable vector graphic (SVG) and how it differs from other graphics. I will also walk you through coding your very first graphic!

A Primer on Computer Graphics

Michael Mangialardi

UI Developer in Southwest Virginia. Soli Deo Gloria. https://coding-artist.teachable.com

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