• Neil Patel

    Neil Patel

    Screenwriter/Podcast host & Producer. Fast learner, Passionate about storytelling. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges! www.neilpatel.co

  • Michael Clawar

    Michael Clawar

    Co-founder and data scientist at StratoDem Analytics

  • Nikhil Arora

    Nikhil Arora

    Getting into the crypto space.

  • Hassan Javed

    Hassan Javed

  • Chi Barça

    Chi Barça

  • Rodrigo Castilho

    Rodrigo Castilho

    Senior Front End Engineer / Senior React Native Developer at @xpinvestimentos and Ex-@Yahoo in a serious relationship with programming languages.

  • Ezgicabuker


  • Vipul Basapati

    Vipul Basapati

    Tech Enthusiast, learner by birth. Workout with @laravel and @react and @node

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